We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company SALIM ABDULLAH AL-SHEBAN EST. (SAS). Our company was established in 1976 by the Owner Mr. Salim Al-Sheban. The Company is known for its professionalism, Reliability and Integrity.

We are a General Contractor covering all phases of Construction in the Saudi Aramco Projects. We maintain a Staff of qualified Managers, Engineers and Craftsmen. Our past record of job completions proved our professionalism and management abilities. We are known in the industry for early completion of all our projects. We maintain a full list of support services for its various operations with extensive land, housing and camp facilities, storage and warehousing facilities in a comprehensive approach to do the best of services to the clients. All the activities and departments are supported by experienced management and professional staff.

We have a total staff of over 100 professionals and around 400+ workers of various nationalities among them: Saudis, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis and Nepalese. The bulk of the main workforce is Filipino / Indian professionals and skilled workers of various trades and crafts. Semi-skilled labors are from India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal.

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